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What I Love Most About Medium’s Audio Feature

It has doubled my productivity

Medium bought Knowable.

Knowable is a platform for audio lessons and learning. This fusion has resulted in a game-changing feature, in my opinion. Listening to stories with the help of the Speechify API.

But it’s much more than just the ability to listen.

I’m fully invested in Medium. It’s my main source of income, or at least it will be very soon. Medium is my main writing platform. And it’s my number one source for reading blogs as well.

What has happened over the past few weeks, however, was this: I completely lost myself in writing and creating content on and for Medium, all the while neglecting the reading.

I have a large reading list waiting for me.

What I love most about Medium’s audio feature, is that I can now listen to stories while I work on different things.

That doubles my productivity because I don’t “lose” time to create while reading, and I don’t miss out on great reads while creating.

A win-win.

In addition to this productivity increase, Medium and their Knowable members are giving out bonus payments for listening time. They have done it last month and will so for this month in the coming days. It’s a small cut, but still. I like the idea.

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How do you feel about the audio experience?

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