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When Consistency Becomes Overwhelming


On this platform, I see

  • people posting a few times per months
  • people who publish a couple of times per week
  • the ones who publish daily
  • and others, somewhat rarely, who publish multiple times a day.

To me, this begs the question, what is too much?

I usually lead with one writing advice for Medium newbies. Consistency.

While I do think that consistent publishing and a daily routine is the key to growth on Medium, there is a point when consistent becomes too much.

We all just have that much to say. More importantly, though, our readers have a finite amount of time to read. It’s a fine line between consistency and annoyance, don’t you think?

I publish 5 times per week. In part because this works, in part because I don’t have more time.

But if I did, would I publish more? Would you? — Stay in touch

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