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Make Use Of This Simily Feature Before It’s Too Late

It’s pretty cool

Now is the right time to join Simily because there’s one feature that won’t be here for long.

Simily pays for external views… for now!

As we’re all too aware, Medium doesn’t pay for external views. Vocal Media, for example, does at a rate of $3.80 per 1000 views.

In contrast, Simily pays writers $20 per 1000 unique views right now! This is a great rate. Here’s the problem. External views won’t be getting paid much longer.

Simily says so on the “How it works” page. In the near future, once Simily hits the desired number of paying members, they will switch their payment model to the Medium model.

Screenshot by Burk

As long as Simily is paying for external views, make use of that by repurposing your Medium stories and setting the canonical URL to the Simily post.

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