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An Open Love Letter to My Hairdresser

COVID can’t cut you out of my life

Dear L.,

I’ve missed you. It’s been months. But the wait is finally over. We’ll be reunited. I couldn’t believe it when you called.

I fondly remember the first time we met.

Nervously checking each other out. Slowly conversing, the most basic small talk. But it got deeper over time. I can pour my heart out to you. It took me years to find you. You’re perfect. Mediocre just ain’t going to cut it anymore. I need you.

I did it with my wife once. But it wasn’t the same.

Cutting myself was no solution either. It never is. You’re the reason I kept coming back. I did it with my wife once. But it wasn’t the same. We have a special bond, you and me. A unique love affair.

The first time you ran your hands through my hair… oh, what a beginning. It resulted in something magic. A new me, so to speak. Each time since then, you just knew what I needed. I didn’t have to say much. You just knew.

I miss the new(ish) me

Now, we haven’t been together for so long. I miss the new(ish) me. I can’t go on without you any longer. It’s time.

A hellish pandemic has kept us apart. It’s slowly fading. I’m so happy that you’re still there. Others weren’t so lucky. This outbreak of science-fiction-esque proportions has been hard on many of us.

I’ll be enjoying every second of our next meeting, I can assure you this much. I hope you’ll be relishing the time as well.

I’m a little nervous though. Is it going to be the same? Do you still get me? 
I bet we’ve both changed a little during these difficult times. But we’ll make the best of it, won’t we? We have all the time left in the world. Knock on wood.

I will see you soon!


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