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300 Stories, $2500 Per Month

And how long it takes

Medium isn’t a platform for a quick buck.

You know this. If you don’t, it’s the harsh truth. You can’t sign up and expect to make thousands per month immediately.

People who try to sell you that are simply wrong.

Medium is, however, a lucrative platform to build a following, grow your story catalog, and eventually make good money.

It took me about 300 Medium stories and 1 year of consistent work to earn $2500 a month. One year of publishing 5–7 stories per week.

There are tricks to help you along the way. I try to provide as many tips as I can find along the way, but you won’t find a secret formula.

The only secret is consistency. Showing up every day.

In the end, it’s hugely gratifying to see those earnings grow each month. To cross 3 figures and 4 figures. You’ll see!

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