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3 Ideas to Make Use Of Medium’s New List Feature

From obvious to super cool

Lists are finally here. A great feature added to your Medium profile. I already tried out lists and have 3 use cases that you might like.

  1. Categorization: Use lists to group your related stories together. For example, one list for all self-care posts, one for writing tips, another one for fun stuff, and so on.
  2. Monthly recaps: Create monthly lists for your most popular posts or your favorite ones. It’s an easy way to recap your stories and get some more exposure.
  3. Curate other people’s stories: Lists are not just useful for your writing, they can also be used to promote your favorite posts by other writers. You could feature your weekly favs or sort them by topic, etc. The sky’s the limit.

Tell me what you like about lists? How will you use them?

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