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This Is Holding Me Back From True Success On Medium

And maybe you too

I’m not complaining. Let me say this. I have achieved more than I would have thought when I started on Medium almost 9 months ago.

This is a look at myself. And my shortcomings. If there’s one thing that is truly holding back from (more) success on this platform, it’s this.

No, wait.

Before I go there, let me tell you 3 other shortcomings that are hard to overcome:

  1. Non-native: It’s hard to write in a foreign language. It’s no excuse though.
  2. Time: I don’t have any pretty much. Better time management is the key.
  3. Niches: I want to write in multiple niches, but I’ve been niching down completely. Time to reinvent me.

Now, to the most important thing that’s holding me back:


I suck at headlines. They’re hard. They’re the difference maker though.

Time to improve!

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