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62K+ Impressions and 1150+ Views On NewsBreak Within 1 Week

That’s NewsBreak

This NewsBreak thing is exciting right now. You might think those numbers ain’t great and you’re right. They’re not. Let me tell you why I’m still excited.

  1. 1150+ views within a week are more than I received in my first 7 days on Medium when I started in February 2021. A lot more.
  2. I didn’t write anything new. I only republished Medium stories. So, it didn’t take much time.
  3. To earn money on NewsBreak, you need 100 registered followers and 10 stories. The latter part is easy (if you have an existing catalog of articles to repurpose). The former part is harder. I’m now at 24 registered followers. For 7 days, that’s not too bad.

That’s why I’m excited about NewsBreak right now. By the way, I don’t really write news content. That’s no problem!

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