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Don’t Click On This Story

It’s bait

This is an exploitation of human curiosity.

Why am I writing this?

Too often, I feel the term “clickbait” is thrown around here on Medium to excoriate certain types of headlines.

In some cases, this might be true. If it’s misleading, for example.

In the majority of cases, however, I genuinely disagree with the notion of clickbait as a negative construct.

“Good” clickbait is click-worthiness. Getting a readers’ attention in a sea of floating headlines and subheaders ain’t easy.

A click-worthy title can very well make or break a story. Therefore, clickbait in its positive form is an art. It belongs in every writers’ repertoire, in my opinion.

This is one area, I’m trying to improve upon. Most popular writers know and value the importance of “good clickbait”. Tim Denning does, Jared A. Brock too, Jessica Wildfire is masterful.


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