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Why YOU Should Be Writing on Medium Right Now (2021)

The best bllogging platform online 2021

Medium is a platform for bloggers and writers. And it is by far the best option to earn money from day one, in my humble opinion. However, many people get Medium wrong. They think they have to pay money to get paid. That’s not true. Not really. Let’s talk about it!

What is Medium

Medium has been around for quite a while. Since 2012 to be exact. It’s described as a platform for social journalism. Professional and amateur writers can post stories about any topics they want. You need to follow the Medium guidelinesthough.

I first heard of Medium way back in 2016. I didn’t look further into it back then. A shame. I wish I had. Some of the most successful writers started around that time. Nevertheless, in 2021 Medium is still one of the best — if not the best — platforms to earn money with writing.

started on Medium in February 2021. With low expectations, to be honest. I am not a native English speaker and Medium is primarily an English platform, although I’ve seen a few great stories in other languages as well. Now, in April 2021, I am more than happy that I gave Medium a chance.

Medium Partner Program

To earn money on Medium you have to sign up for the Medium Partner Program. Applying is simple. Create a Medium account, sign-up for the Partner Program, and start writing your original posts. That’s it! From this moment on, you will get paid. Based on the number of reads (and readers) your stories receive. It’s a simple, yet wonderful principle. There is only one small catch: These readers need to be paying members of Medium. 5$ per month makes you a paying member.

In my first few days on Medium, I already started to get paid for a couple of my stories. It was one of the most satisfying feelings I’ve ever encountered as a writer.

What people get wrong about Medium

Although Medium is simple and straightforward, a lot of people get it wrong. It’s true that you get paid for the stories you made eligible for earnings. Paid by the Medium members that themselves pay 5$ per month. You get a cut of that money. You make a story available for earning by checking the “meter”-setting right before publishing. You can, of course, also publish stories free to read.

What many people get wrong: You don’t have to be a paying Medium member to publish metered stories. With a free account, you will still get paid. The downside: Reading two metered Medium story per month is your limit on a free account. But again, you can write as many metered stories as you want for free. And get paid!

Medium 2021

Why should you write on Medium in 2021? If the prospect of earning money from day one is not enough for you, here are a few other reasons.

Firstly, Medium is a great community. You will discover amazing writers and stories. The more you engage with writers and fans, the more engagement you will see on your posts.

Secondly, Medium has fantastic publications. Submitting your stories to big or small publications is a great way to get in front of a larger audience, receive editing tips or feedback, and improve your writing skills. There are hundreds, even thousands of publications. You will find one that fits your niche and style. From poetry to politics, from tech to pop culture. It’s all there.

Still not enough? Here’s more:

Medium vs. your own blog

Yes, I am a blogger. And I’m very much in favor of having my own blog. But as many of you bloggers know: It’s not easy to get a blog up and running. It takes time, consistency, effort, and energy. Not to mention that it might cost you money in the beginning and overnight success is basically out of the question. Writing on a platform like Medium is the opposite: It’s easy to set up, you can start writing right away, and the possibility to reach readers from day one is there.

Still, don’t give up on your own blog just yet!

I think it’s a good idea to use Medium in conjunction with your own blog. One advantage is the possibility of crossposting. You can create articles for both, Medium and your blog. But be aware of duplicate content! I’ll talk about that in another post if you’re interested.

Medium and Domain Authority (DA)

Another advantage to consider is backlinking. As you may know, links are highly important for a blog or any website for that matter. It’s a major factor for SEO and Domain Authority rankings. Getting backlinks from well-rated websites is a huge plus. Medium is such a website. It has a DA score of 96 and a Page Authority score of 81. You can check those scores here. Hence backlinking from Medium to your blog is a good thing. Crosslinking between your blog and Medium is even better.

Parting words

How do you feel about Medium now? I honestly wish I had started with Medium earlier. Within not even two months, I have received great feedback, improved my English writing skills, and confidence to write in English, to begin with, my creativity, and yes, made a little money. Not mind-blowingly much, but more than I would have imagined and certainly more than two months writing for a (new) blog would have made me. So, give it a try! You have nothing to lose. And remember that you don’t have to pay for Medium. Just use the free account and start writing!

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