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What Twitter Notes Means For Writers

And what not

It’s here in a closed beta, but it’s hitting the public soon. We’re talking about Twitter Notes.

What does this mean for writers?

Twitter has already been the premiere social network for writers. With Notes, we can write entire blog posts on Twitter.


  1. Twitter is taking on Substack. Twitter has its own newsletter tool Revue. I could see them integrate that directly into Twitter via Notes.
  2. Twitter might favor & push Notes over external links to other writing platforms. Huge deal for audience-building.
  3. Twitter could add a subscription-based model for Notes writers, much like a paid newsletter on Substack.

Just read what Twitter’s editorial director, Rembert Browne said:

“Since the company’s earliest days, writers have depended on Twitter to share their work, get noticed, be read, create conversation — everything but the actual writing,”

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