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No More AdSense, Let’s Cut Out the Middleman


Tired of AdSense ads on your website that both, look bad and underperform? Me too. I recently cut ties with AdSense.

What then?

I see multiple alternatives for ad networks like AdSense. Let’s have a quick look at three:

  1. Direct reader relationship: The best alternative, though tough to build, is the direct route to readers. Instead of relying on ad income and SEO skills to generate views, writing directly for the reader is the dream. Substack is built on this model.
  2. Ads without the middleman: Options #2 is “controlled” ads. Ads are not bad per se. They can be great. Instead of paying AdSense, sell your own ad spots on your blog/newsletter! To people/companies you like to showcase.
  3. Subscriptions: Tieing in with #1, write on Medium. Get paid for reads, not ads.

Let’s stop paying Google for our content.

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