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What I Learned About Using Twitter As a Content Creator

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For writers and word jugglers, Twitter is the perfect social network. TikTok, Instagram Reels, and video get all the attention currently but for me, Twitter is king.

To get more out of Twitter, here is the most important lesson I’ve learned:

Don’t tweet

Bombarding your feed and your followers with links to your Medium stories isn’t awful, but it won’t help much either. Twitter’s algorithm suppresses links.

Likewise, don’t just tweet random thoughts or tips constantly. That is a way to gain traction, of course, and done right it will help you grow, but there’s a more important element in my opinion.

Instead of tweeting all the time, react!

Reply to other people’s tweets, share your knowledge and relevant links that way. You’ll build connections.

Lastly, if you tweet, write threads. Share more than 280 characters. Twitter loves threads.

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