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Newsletter Owners, It’s Time to Switch Away From Revue

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Revue is a newsletter platform by Twitter. I’ve used it in the past. Now, I write on Substack. I still value Revue for its Twitter integration, mainly the profile card with subscribe button.

Screenshot of author’s Twitter profile

But Revue has a huge issue right now.


In the past few weeks, the service was down for a significant amount of time twice. That’s not good.

Other things bug me:

  1. The editor is unappealing & lacks features
  2. The design is outdated
  3. The feature set is okay, but not great

Why is Revue down again? It could have to do with Twitter Write. Revue now belongs to this subgroup. It’s also home of Twitter Notes, a blogging-like feature that’s coming to Twitter soon. To me, this and the downtime suggest Revue is going to be shut down soon.

So, take your newsletter elsewhere.

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