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What’s the Best Newsletter Platform In 2021?

Newsletters are all the rage right now. You might call them email lists or mailing lists. It’s all the same. A place to gain a loyal audience for your writing.

But what’s the best place to create one?

We’ve all been hearing about ConvertKitSubstack, or Mailchimp. Three good choices.

I think there are better ones out there though. My list of platforms to try include:

  1. Buttondown: it’s a unique platform with a great free plan, many options, an easy-to-use interface, and more. It looks great too.
  2. Revue: the perfect alternative for Substack. It offers more features, is free, easy to use, and powerful with its integrations, forms, and cross-publishing support.
  3. Letterdrop: a platform with a host of features. A good fit for ConvertKit users. Offers a lot.

What’s your platform of choice?

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