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Should You Delete Poorly-Performing Medium Stories

Two pros & two cons

We all have them.

Stories that tanked. Little to no views, no engagement, no external audience. Over time, you might have accumulated quite a long list of these stories. I know I have. Stories with under 50 views.

What should we do with those? Hit delete? Let’s explore!


  1. By deleting underperforming stories, your profile (i.e., portfolio) is less cluttered. You keep the great stuff.
  2. This gives you the option of re-uploading these stories later. They might have done poorly in the past, but they could skyrocket in the future.


  1. Deleted content leads to broken links. You might have linked to those stories from others. These links won’t work anymore.
  2. Old stories can pick up steam in the future. I’ve had this happen a couple of times. 6 months old, suddenly trending. You never know.

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