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How to Make Money On Simily (a Quick Hack)

With a little help from Medium

Simily is the hottest Medium alternative on the market right now. Fleets of Medium writers are trying this fairly new writing platform as we speak.

How can you and me, we all, make the best of Simily in 2022? Let’s explore!

The basis

With a little help from Medium, you already have what it takes to start earning some money on Simily: Your stories.

Screenshot by Burk

There’s nothing wrong with reposting some material on Simily.

On the contrary, right now, it’s the best way to go as creating new content for Simily might not be worth the effort just yet.

Why? A couple of reasons:

  1. The member base of Simily is still pretty small at around 1880 people
  2. The domain authority (DA) of the website is still quite low at 14 (out of a possible score of 100) compared to established sites like Medium with 95 or Vocal Media at 65. This score directly affects the search engine visibility of Simily posts.
DA score from

How to make money

So then, how can we make money on this new platform?

First of all, Simily’s pay rate is not too bad at $20 per 1000 unique views.

This compared well to Vocal’s $3.80 and isn’t too far off of Medium’s $34 per 1000 views (calculated on my earnings, yours will differ from that).

Secondly, Simily offers something important that Medium does NOT.


Just as Vocal Media, Simily counts both internal and external views towards the $20 per 1000 views goal. And here lies the beauty of this present opportunity.

To make money on Simily right now, it’s a great idea to take a look at your best-performing Medium posts from an external view standpoint.

External “redirect”

Let’s imagine you have a Medium story that has thousands of external views, but hasn’t actually garnered many internal views and therefore no or very little money on Medium.

This is the PERFECT story for Simily!

Take this story, republish it on Simily, AND — here is the important part — set the canonical URL to the Simily story.

For this, you go into the Medium story settings, scroll down to “Advanced Settings”, click the arrow, and tick the box “This story was originally published elsewhere”. There you put in the link to your Simily story.

Screenshot by Burk

This does two things:

  1. Now, search engines get notified that the Simily story is the original source of content, and (most) search engines will display that one in the results
  2. It prevents duplicate content and possible negative consequences of that


Why would you want to “redirect” (via canonical URLs) your Medium stories with high external views to your Simily stories?

Well, because Simily pays you and Medium doesn’t.

Using this tactic, you might be able to earn substantially more for stories with external views on Simily than on Medium.

Two things to keep in mind here though:

  1. You need to set these links once you notice an increase of external views on any given Medium story. This means actively monitoring your stats.
  2. Simily only gives free users 5 stories per month without being premium Simily members. This means some external views will still be left unpaid because the readers hit the paywall. Just like on Medium.

The bottom line

Simily is great news for writers. Assuming that this platform makes it through its initial stage, Simily could become a viable and lucrative Medium alternative with many users and therefore a large built-in audience in the future. We can use more platforms like this.

You might ask yourself, how is Simily different from Vocal Media then?

Well, the main difference is the pay rate which is substantially higher on Simily. The other is the built-in community features which Vocal still mostly lacks. This might lead to higher engagement on Simily than on Vocal where engagement is… basically non-existent unless you hit a Top Story.

You could do the same external views hack with Vocal Media by the way but at a rate of $20 per 1000 views compared to $3.80 per 1000 views, I’d rather pick Simily for this strategy. Wouldn’t you?

Give it a try!

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