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Why I Won’t Replace My MacBook With an iPad Pro (Although I Really Want to)

I never hear people talking about this missing feature

I’ve been an iPad fan and user since the iPad 2 was released in 2011. And since that day over a decade ago, I had hoped and wished that the iPad would become a viable and complete laptop replacement.

With the iPad Pro and its amazing performance, this day came quite a while ago. But there’s still one feature that holds me back from using an iPad Pro instead of my MacBook Air.

A quick backstory

My wife and I share our MacBook Air. This has two main reasons. For one, we didn’t want to effort two MacBooks, nor did we need two. Secondly, we try to keep things fairly minimal in our household. Hence we don’t buy unnecessary stuff (most of the time), especially at these price points.

Now to the missing feature

Can you imagine where the problem lies in sharing an iPad Pro with my wife?

Well, the problem is sharing is NOT possible because iPad OS has never and still doesn’t (and maybe never will) support multiple user profiles in a single iPad device.

What has been an integral part of Macs forever — being able to have multiple accounts on one Mac — is a glaring hole in the current iPad ecosystem.

Closing thoughts

If Apple fixed this issue, I’d be more than willing, excited even, to finally get rid of my MacBook in favor of a 12.9 inch iPad Pro.

So, please Apple, let us have multiple user profiles on iPadOS!

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