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I’ll Officially Be a Freelancer In 2 Months


That’s right.

I will be a freelancer in April 2022. Or more precisely, a combination of freelancer and entrepreneur.

That’s going to be the biggest step in my professional life, for sure. I hope it’s going to be the most rewarding one as well.

Why in 2 months?

I’ll thoroughly be enjoying the next two months of parental leave from my 9–to-5. Spending the time with my 5-month-old daughter and my older kids. And my wife, of course.

After that, it’s more work than ever before, I’m sure.

By the way, I didn’t make this decision completely voluntarily. My 9-to–5 job — which is on a project basis — is wrapping up this particular project in Q1 2022.

I’ve thought about the idea of going full-time creator before, now the decision is out of my hands.

Wish me luck!

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