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55K Followers, 500 Views

Not what you would have thought

I immensely appreciate it when big-time Medium writers give us a little insight into their stats.

That puts a lot of things into perspective. Because we, as upcoming writers on this platform, might think – I know I used to do this – that those big names must be getting tens of thousands of views on every single story here.

They’re not. At least not all of them.


Tom Kuegler is one of the most prominent names on Medium,.

He gave full disclosure on Twitter about his average views per story.


That’s not much, given his Medium follower base of over 55,000 people.

In fact, I’m close to that average with 5K followers. I’m sure quite a few of his stories shoot through the roof on a regular basis though.

After all, Tom’s good. And he’s been here for… well, forever it seems like.


This number gives us a little more to think about.

No matter the follower count, reach, or popularity on any given platform, you can’t count on steady highs. The lows will find you.

It’s also an uplifting fact. No matter how small your following and how short your reach might be right now, both can explode any minute.

I’ve been experiencing such downward and upward trends lately. From almost 50K views down to 15K and back up and flying to 115K views within two months.


What you shouldn’t do is give up. Then, you’ll never get there. If you try, you might. If you keep trying, you will get there.

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