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I like it hot and steamy in the morning

I’m a father of 5, I’m purely talking about coffee when I say hot and steamy in the morning.

On a funny side note, my 3-year old boy just decided that his new fresh morning routine starts at 4:50 am. I’m thrilled as you can imagine because I have to get up with him to keep him from waking up everybody else.

But I digress. I’m a huge black coffee lover. Today, let me share my Ko-Fi page as Kristina God recently asked about it.

Coffee shop

In the past, I actually used a service called “Buy Me a Coffee“ which was a great alternative to Patreon and Ko-Fi… until they dropped support for PayPal payments.

Now, I’m using Ko-Fi and it’s great for a few reasons:

  1. No fees (on one-off donations). Basically, every other service takes a cut of your donations. Like 5–10%. Ko-Fi does not.
  2. PayPal is integrated because Ko-Fi is actually a service by PayPal.
  3. It’s easy to use, nicely designed and has a lot of features for free.

There is a premium version available if you’re interested. I don’t use that.

Medium’s coffee corner

Ko-Fi is widely used among Medium writers too if you didn’t know.

I‘ve said it multiple times in the past: I wish Medium had a tipping feature right integrated into the post and profile sections, much like Vocal Media does. Until this happens, Ko-Fi is a fine alternative for us writers to connect and enjoy a pot of our favorite black gold.

How do you like your coffee?

Black Ko-Fi anyone? Or do you prefer a coconut latte like Kristina God?

Check out all the Ko-Fi pages I mentioned above. Let’s support each other with a hot and steamy cup of coffee.

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