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What Most Writers Are Missing

It’s not talent

The most successful writers are not necessarily the best writers.

Some are. Most ain’t.

I’m not, that’s for sure.

What could most writers be missing?

  • Talent? No.
  • Passion for writing? Maybe.
  • Time? Perhaps.
  • Luck? A little.

All of these are important. I firmly believe, however, one additional thing is key to becoming a successful writer. Not a super rich one, or a famous one, but a productive and consistent one.

Productive and consistent is predicated on enjoying writing, writing regularly, and earning a good income from writing while profiting from additional income stream writing makes possible.

What’s this last thing?

A good writing system.

What’s a good writing system? I’d say it’s a system

  • that helps with consistent output
  • that provides structure
  • that’s sustainable
  • that’s easy to manage and utilize
  • that helps you appreciate your achievements

What does this look like

My writing system is a comprehensive Notion-based template with complex, yet easy-to-follow database structures.

It provides a complete archive and backup section, a minimal and simple editor that works on every device I own (yes, even on the go, Medium), and an uncomplicated upgrade structure with add-ons, new options, and personalized sections.

Since I’ve been using and enjoying my system for over 1 year now on this Medium journey (and additionally for Substack, Vocal, NewsBreak, WordPress, and even YouTube), I’ve made this Notion template available for everyone.

It’s called Superwriter.

Anyone with Notion can use it instantly. Notion is free. It offers a lot. Superwriter is a great starting point to dive into Notion. Notion is a great companion for bloggers & Medium writers.

How to get Superwriter

Superwriter is available in my Gumroad store. Check it out there for all the details.

The bottom line

Try a writing system! Superwriter has helped me

  • get more consistent
  • get deeper insights into past stories
  • see connections between curated posts and viral posts
  • back up and archive all stories, as well as subscribers
  • write on the go and on desktop
  • revisit posts and come up with new ideas along the way
  • and a lot more

If nothing else, you’ll get a great use case for Notion. And you may find that Notion is a fantastic tool for many other tasks you do.

Have a look at Superwriter.

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