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All Medium Writers Need This Crazy Helpful Extension

It told me I made over $15K from the partner program 🤯

Missing statistics on the Medium stats pages?

Yeah, they’re lacking. I’ve ranted about this before, sharing my thoughts and even suggesting some additional stats that would benefit us, writers.

I don’t think Medium will ever add those, but a user can dream, right?

Additional stats

But hey, fret not!

We’ve got an amazing bunch of developers in the Medium community. One of them is Can Durmus. He’s come up with a ridiculously handy tool for checking out stats.

It’s called Fractions, and it’s a free Chrome extension.

Screenshot by author

That means you can use it on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge (yup, same platform), Brave, and even Opera. Firefox is also supported. Sorry, Safari users.


Now, let’s talk about what this bad boy can do.

Spoiler alert: it’s brilliant.

Fractions gives you the juicy insights that Medium fails to deliver. Imagine having access to your entire earnings without adding up month after month (oh, the struggle, right?).

And that’s not all! It also reveals the daily member reading time, tracks your daily earnings with a history feature, and provides estimates for your monthly earningsaverage monthly earnings, and more!

I mean, seriously, this is pure genius! Plus, the entire project is open source and available on GitHub. It’s an absolute masterpiece of work.

Insights I might have missed without it

Now, here’s a personal insight for you.

Fractions made me realize something mind-blowing — I’ve crossed $15,000 in partner program earnings! It’s insane, really.

Screenshot by author

When I started writing on Medium 2.5 years ago, I never would’ve imagined reaching this milestone.

Seeing the bigger picture has become a total game-changer for me. It keeps me motivated and pushes me to keep going, even when the struggles are real.

Motivation in times of struggle

Trust me, there are days when I don’t feel like writing or when the pressure of publishing every single day becomes overwhelming.

But thanks to tools like Fractions, I can visualize my progress and remind myself of what I’ve accomplished so far. It’s crazy helpful.

The bottom line

Not much left to say, really. Just two simple things for you to do:

  1. Download that Chrome extension ASAP
  2. Take a moment to appreciate and celebrate what you’ve achieved thus far. You deserve it! ✓
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