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Improve Your Headlines With This Helpful Free Tool

Headlines are important

Just the other day, I declared that I sucked at headlines. This is one area I’d love to improve upon over the next few weeks. To do this, I will take more time to come up with headlines, but I will also make use of one specific free tool.

A huge shoutout to Kirsty Kendall who recommended this tool to me in the comment section of a previous post. I haven’t heard of this one before. I knew a couple of other tools for headlines but they cost after a short free period.

This one is free. It’s called Sharethrough Headline Analyzer.

It does exactly what it should. Giving you a score for your headline based on multiple factors.

Screenshot by author

The result will be a score from 0–100 and a traffic light color coding, red, yellow, green. Try it!

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