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All Medium Top Writer Tags With Competition Ratings

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What does it mean to have a top writer tag on Medium?

Great question!

On Medium, there are more than 70 tags that grant top writer status. If you’re one of the top 50 writers for a specific tag in a given month, you’ll receive a top writer badge on your profile’s About section.

That’s the concise answer.

Now, how can you discover these top writer tags? Unfortunately, Medium doesn’t maintain an official list for them.

But don’t worry! I have the complete list for you. Not only that, but I’ve also rated each top writer tag based on the level of competition, considering factors such as the number of stories written, the number of writers, and the existing top writers for each tag.

It’s worth noting that some tags may not have 50 top writers.

You can download my Top Writer Tag List on Gumroad or you get it for free when joining my free Medium newsletter.

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