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I Hit a Crazy New Medium Milestone

And it’s not followers, subscribers, or referrals

Medium is a crazy ride. Next month, I’ll have my anniversary. One year on this platform. I wish I had started sooner.

During the last 12 months, I wrote 275 posts. My follower count passed 4300 people today. My subscribers are steadily increasing and even referrals have gone up more than I could have imagined.

This is not the crazy milestone I just passed an hour ago though.

Just 60 minutes ago, I crossed 10K views within 24 hours.

Screenshot by Burk

I’m amazed. When I started I couldn’t even imagine getting to 1000 monthly views. Now, 10K within a day. Mindblowing.

Medium always surprises me. Just when I think it’s going down, it takes a turn for the better.

It’s still possible to succeed on Medium in 2022. You can do it too!

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