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Love watching movies & TV shows? So do I.

But sometimes, I can’t remember what I have already watched. I’m old. Here’s where my tracking system comes in.

I remember a time, when I had a large collection of DVDs, neatly organized in small numbered drawers. Along with that, I had a Windows program that correlated the drawer number to the corresponding movie in it. It took ages to set up.

Good old times.

Now, everything is online, on Netflix or Hulu, Amazon Prime or Disney+. The cloud is ubiquitous.

And I have Notion. With Notion, I track all the movies & TV shows I am currently watching, have watched, and want to watch.

It began as an embarrassingly simple setup that has evolved into a net of connected Notion databases, not only keeping track of the movies & TV shows, but also genres, platforms, and even actors, actresses, directors, authors, and more, with detailed views for each area on its own.

Today, I share this setup with you. Here’s a sneak peek into the template TV & Movie Buff:

Images by author

I have a cool deal as well.

The basic version of my movie tracker is free. It’s the simple setup I began with. But for most people, this won’t suffice.

The premium version is the one to get, with all the bells and whistles I mentioned above. This premium version goes for $10.

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