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6 Figures a DAY For What?

This woman has built her own business in 1.5 years and is now making 6 figures

You can sell anything online. The creator economy is booming. In every unique way out there.

Let me quickly share the story of Kat who’s making up to 6 figures in revenue per DAY.

Kat Norton runs her own business.

  • Her equipment? Her phone.
  • Employees? None.
  • Her sales funnel? The most-visited website in the world as of 2022. TikTok.

What does Kat do?

She gives Excel tips. That’s right. Tips on Microsoft Excel. The most boring software everyone has to use at some point. By now, she also gives tips on the whole Microsoft suite of productivity apps.

She delivers these tips in fun TikTok videos. She started in June 2020 from zero. Now, she has over 750K followers. Her talent? Making Excel fun.

Screenshot of miss.excel on TikTok

How’s she making money?

Not directly from TikTok.

She redirects traffic to a software tutorial business called Miss Excel. A basic website to sell courses about Microsoft apps.

The killer: Her course prices range from $297 all the way up to $997 for a complete bundle of courses on the whole Microsoft suite.

From that course selection, she makes up to $100,000 per DAY, she revealed in a recent interview with The Verge.

With her success, thousands of other creators have started similar channels on TikTok, trying to market courses on Microsoft Office and other productivity apps.

What I love about stories like this

I love these stories for multiple reasons:

  1. The world of social media, marketing, and digital products blows my mind every day. The possibilities are endless.
  2. You can market and sell anything and everything.
  3. These stories are not scams. The people are great creators with genius ideas on how to solve simple problems and make money from them. That’s brilliant.
  4. You, I, we can do this too.
  5. There are no upfront costs in most cases. You can spend money later, once you started making some.

The bottom line

Kat Norton is an inspiration.

She’s a one-woman show who has built a money-making business within 1.5 years on a trending social media platform without upfront costs in a unique niche.

That led to a 6-figure income per DAY.

Does she make six figures every day? Not yet. But 4 to 5 figures every other day is a pretty nice income as well, isn’t it?

If you like stories like these just as much as I do, comment down below! I have lots more to share.

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