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I Make More Money From Referrals Now Than In My First 4 Months From the MPP

Affiliate power

Passive income on Medium
Getting paid for external views?

These two things weren’t possible a few months ago. Since Medium introduced the referral program, however, external views have become more and more exciting and can lead to a good amount of income.

In my first 4 months on Medium (I started a year ago), I was making anywhere from $60 to $150 per month purely from the partner program earnings. Reading time by members.

That amount has been steadily increasing over the past 8 months. What has been increasing with it, is the referral money. By this month, I’m making more money from referrals alone than in any of my first 4 months from the MPP earnings.

This is truly passive. The only downside? Referral members can quit Medium anytime, and you lose the income.

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