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I Saw the Biggest Jump In Followers, Subscribers, And Referrals On Medium In January 2022

After a decrease in views from over 40K to 15K in December. Medium is wild!

Medium is a wild ride. It’s never too late to join in on this adventure.

It’s also a rollercoaster ride. One month, views plummet, the next, they skyrocket to heights never seen before.

The moral of the story: Don’t give up on Medium! It sucks sometimes, the bugs bug me too, views are unpredictable, the algorithm is broken, but there’s always the chance for a surprise!

December backstory

From over 40K down to 15K. That was my December on this platform. Quite the decrease. For good reason though.

I usually publish at least 5 days a week. In mid-December, however, I took an (unwanted) break for two weeks. Hence, the downfall in views.

But wouldn’t you know it, in January views have picked up again… and then some!

January surprises

A funny coincidence that in the days leading up to my birthday on January 27th, my views started to increase exponentially.

Is it a birthday present, Medium?

I went from 15K views at the end of December to over 97K views to date! I mean, CRAZY.

Screenshot by Burk

That’s not all though.

With this huge jump in views came numerous other benefits. Going viral pays off!


Three things stand out to me here at the end of January.

  1. My follower count increased like never before. Almost 1200 followers in one month. My previous record was a little over 850 in one month. Both great!
  2. My subscriber count went nuts. 129 more subscribers in January. Thank you all so much!
  3. Lastly and most unexpected, the referrals. The number of referred members has been steadily going up since the feature was introduced by Medium. But this month… my god. 30 new referrals in January alone.

The bottom line

This is not supposed to sound like bragging. If it does, I’m sorry because this wasn’t my intention.

This is supposed to be an uplifting cheer for all of YOU writing on this platform.

Sometimes, it might feel like the golden days of Medium are over. The algorithm went bad, distribution is broken, and all Medium cares about is stories about Medium.

That’s true in a sense. But the golden days are still not over. You can hit a jackpot on any given day. With any topic, in any publication or self-published, however long or short the post.

The only thing to do is write, write, write. Don’t give up on Medium!

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