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You’ve Been Using Medium Lists Incorrectly

Here’s why

When I first started using Medium list, I did what many of you might have done as well. I created several generic, broad lists to categorize my posts by topics. This isn’t bad per se, but there are plenty more (and better) ways to utilize Medium lists.

Here are three ideas.

  1. Share lists instead of stories. Whenever I write a new post, I have countless related stories to link to within that new post. Instead of linking these individually, just share a list containing these related posts.
  2. Create a footer embed list. I end stories with a CTA for referrals and subscribers. I also add a few other stories. That’s a long footer. Alternatively, I could just embed a specific list.
  3. Social media. Why not share a list of stories to Twitter, instead of single posts? People might read more than one.

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