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Apparently I’m a Weight Watchers User Now


My wife is trying to lose some weight. She gave birth to our daughter 6 months ago. One day, she came in and said, “Burk, I want to try Weight Watchers”.

Immediately, I rolled my eyes because … well, I don’t even know. Prejudice, I guess.

But I jumped aboard. I love to do new things with my wife.

I’ve been perfecting my dad bod for way too long up until this point. A little diet routine wasn’t the worst idea.

We’re now 6 weeks in on our WW journey together. My wife lost 18 pounds, I lost 13.5.

The difference to other diets we tried?

It doesn’t feel like a diet. We just eat and count points. Pizza? No problem, just a smaller size. Salad with everything.

It’s surprisingly easy.

The key: We’ve built a new eating habit. Smaller portions, tasty dishes.

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