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How to Listen to Medium Stories On the Go

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Yesterday, I praised Medium for the audio integration they integrated after the acquiring of Knowable last year.

The system, that is powered by Speechify, offers the option to listen to Medium stories on your computer.

Within the mobile apps, however, audio hasn’t been enabled yet. A shame. I love listening on the go.

Here’s an easy fix.

Instead of the mobile app, just visit from the browser on your mobile device. There, you’ll find the listenoption just like on desktop.

Screenshot by author, shoutout to Roxy Wright 🙂

Even better, this works in the background as well (at least for me on iPhone).

I can leave Safari or lock the phone and put it in my pocket while still listening to stories.

Super convenient, and it has increased my reading time a lot in the past couple of weeks.

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