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Substack Is Venturing Into Video

YouTube killer?

After conquering the world of newsletters and blogs and the integration of Podcast functionality into the platform, Substack is now on taking on video.

Currently in beta, you can create and upload videos directly within your Substack dashboard. To get this feature, you need to apply to the beta test at the moment. Do that here.

With Substack’s success in the field of writing, audio and video could become the next big thing for the company.

Considering the fact that video platforms like TikTok, YouTube, or Instagram with its Reels are still on the rise and audio getting bigger as well, this could be a pleasant surprise for creators for one simple reason:

No ads.

As with writing, Substack’s model is not based on ads, but on free publishing with the option to take on paid subscribers.

What do you think?

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