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Premium Grammar, Spell Checker & More For Only €2.77 Per Month


No, this is not an affiliate link.

Yes, this is a great deal.

In need of a good spell checker? I was using Grammarly initially, but a few months ago I switched.

My current one is LanguageTool.

It’s an excellent tool for all browsers with standalone apps on Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS. The free version is feature-rich.

And now, the premium plan is heavily discounted.

You can get LanguageTool Premium for €2.77 if you pay 2 years in advance. It’s €3.36 for one year in advance.

Also: Paying quarterly is €8.74 and monthly €13.38.

You’ll find plans for teams of any size on discount as well.

LanguageTool is a fine Grammarly competitor, based in Europe, GDPR conform.

For Mac users who prefer Apple’s Safari browser, it’s magnificent because Medium is supported. Grammarly doesn’t support Medium on Safari.

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