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“Slowly coming to the realisation that I don’t know much about myself.” — Manu Moreale

Very fitting. More and more, in the last months and even years, I’ve lived more minimally. What started with a thorough wardrobe declutter years ago, led to a list of all the clothes I own.

Now, I’m seriously considering keeping a list of all possessions I have. In a previous post, I noted that I don’t see myself as a minimalist.

I am though. By all accounts and the definition of minimalism, I’m one. Because:

  1. I don’t buy unintentionally
  2. I don’t keep unnecessary things
  3. I keep my digital space clutter-free
  4. Before buying I ask myself: Do I really need it?
  5. I love minimal aesthetics. In architecture, interior design, web design, product design, fashion.

I’m starting to call myself minimalist. Instead of minimalist-ish.

I Keep a List of All the Clothes I Own
Shopping is a joy now. I don’t impulse buy. But most importantly, I value every piece I own.

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