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Living More Minimally Is About Space, Actually 4 Types of “Space”

Physical and mental space

Let’s skip the fancy intro and jump right into the 4 types of “space”.

#1 Space in my environment

When I first heard about minimalism, it was about physical decluttering. In my case, my home. My goal was to create space in my living environment. Removing obstacles, like unused furniture, meaningless decorations, and overwhelming stuff. To me, this is the easiest form of decluttering. It started with furniture and moved to clothes, kitchenware, tools, tech, and more. This first type gave me physical space.

#2 Space in my budget

Number two is space in my budget. A direct result of space #1. With fewer physical things in place and less need for them, I spent less money on these kinds of things. This leaves space in my budget for more important things.

#3 Space in my calendar

A tremendously important type of space is spare time to enjoy the little things. Space in my calendar. This leaves room for my family, my friends, hobbies, and time for me to breathe.

#4 Space in my mind

All the above serves one bigger purpose: Freeing up space in my mind. Decoupling from the strain of everyday tasks, letting go of stress and exhaustion, turning towards happier thoughts. Enjoying and appreciating what I have and what I own. As Wayne Dyer said:

“You have everything you need for complete peace and total happiness right now.”

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