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Use Shortform to Promote Your Medium Stories


In my recent story “4 Ways to Use Shortform to Promote Your Stories,” I followed up on some tips about promoting your stories within Medium without the need for constant social media posting.

Let me recap these 4 tips while dutifully adhering to my advice:

  1. Like Twitter: Use shortform like tweets to promote your long posts or even posts from other writers.
  2. Recap: Use shortform to recap a longer article you wrote or read.
  3. Poems: Poetry is already a shortform genre, so use it to promote longer stories if you’re good at it.
  4. Standalone content: Use shortform as valuable condensed standalone content.

That’s it! Have fun with shortform content.

4 Ways to Use Shortform to Promote Your Stories
Promote your stories within Medium with shortform

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