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How Much I Made On YouTube With 6400 Subscribers

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To make money on YouTube, you need a large following!

That’s what I thought too. But this isn’t the case. I own a faceless YouTube channel that after 3 years “only” has 6400 subscribers.

Here are the good things:

  1. The channel has been monetized for over 2 years
  2. The channel has a recurring subscriber base, meaning the “small” number of people do come back to watch often

So, how much did I make with a rather small YouTube channel with “only” 6400 subscribers:

Screenshot by author

There it is: $3600+ for 6400 subscribers.

Granted, that’s little pay for 2 years of work but there’s a caveat. I only work about 1–2 hours per week on the channel. I publish 3–4 videos per week.

Since I started the channel I got 3.8 million views and it’s growing.

Screenshot by author

2022 is the year I will turn this channel into a lucrative side-hustle.

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