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Grammarly For Safari Not Working With Medium? Try This Instead!

Or in general

I love to write stories in the Medium editor on my MacBook inside SafariSafari is my browser of choice, and I wouldn’t change it for the world to power-hungry beasts like Chrome or Firefox. Additionally, I had been using Grammarly to check my writing.

The one issue: Grammarly browser extension for Safari didn’t work with Medium. It did on Chrome or Edge. I used to write in Safari and then quickly open Edge to check Grammarly results. Complicated process.

Now, I’ve switched to something else. You might have read my previous post where I introduced Ulysses as a writing appUlysses has an integrated spell checker. It’s from

LanguageTool also offers a Safari extension, and that one works perfectly with Medium. So, if you’re on a Mac and Safari, give LanguageTool a try!

Screenshot from by Burk

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