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Ditch Grammarly For This!

And take your writing to the next level

I was an avid Grammarly user. For good reason. English is not my native language, and I’ve never been good at writing in English. Grammarly was a lifesaver.

I’ve discovered a better tool, though. One that’s not only a great alternative for spell and grammar checking, but also the best writing tool I’ve ever used.

It’s Ulysses.


Ulysses is a writing app for Apple devices. That’s the only downside in my opinion. If you don’t use Apple products, you’re out of luck.

Other than that, Ulysses is a fantastic app for both blogging and long-form writing.

Another huge advantage: Ulysses can directly publish to Medium with a few clicks. That’s brilliant.

My new workflow: Write Markdown in Ulysses, spell check, and send draft to Medium. Brilliant!

Aside from Medium, you can directly publish to WordPress sites, or export to formats like PDF and e-books.

And if even Ulysses isn’t enough for you, you might want to try Notion as your writing system. I have one set up there, it’s called Superwriter, and it helps me write everything I do online.

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