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Every Medium Writer Needs This Nifty Tool

It told me that I’m closing in on $10K on Medium 🤯

The Medium statistics pages severely lack data points.

I’ve written about this extensively in the past, including some ideas and recommendations on additional stats that might be valuable for writers.

I don’t think Medium will ever include these. But a man can dream.

Better stats for Medium writers

Still, don’t worry, we have a wonderful developer community on and around Medium. One of these great developers, Can Durmus, has released a freakishly handy tool for viewing stats.

It’s called Fractions, and it’s a Chrome extension, i.e., you can use it in the Google Chrome browser, as well as Microsoft’s Edge browser (because Edge uses the same platform) and Opera.

Even better, Can mentioned that he will be releasing his extension for Firefox (Update: Firefox is already available) and Safari in the near future. Read his comment here:

[…] It will be available soon on Safari, Firefox and Edge stores. Currently, you can already install it to Edge, Brave and Opera (I especially love the look of the extension on Opera) through Chrome Web Store. So, stay tuned for updates. 🙂

Screenshot from Chrome web store

What it does

This extension is brilliant. It gives you valuable insights that Medium doesn’t, like

  • your entire earnings. Who else used to add every month’s earnings together all the time? Just me…
  • Or, and even more crucial, the daily member reading time
  • daily earnings with history
  • AND estimated monthly earnings, average monthly earnings, and more
Screenshot from Chrome web store

I mean, truly genius!

Moreover, this whole project is open source and available on GitHub. What a fantastic piece of work!

Thank you, Can Durmus!

I think this deserves a follow from all of you guys, so go over to Can’s page (which looks stunning, by the way) and hit his buttons.

If you want to support Can directly, do this via Ko-Fi here.

Personal insights

Can’s tool made me realize that I’m closing in on $10,000 in partner program earnings. This is insane. I would have never thought that when I started writing on Medium a little over a year ago.

Seeing the bigger picture is a game-changer for me. It motivates me to keep going.

Struggles are real. Sometimes I don’t want to write, occasionally I feel overwhelmed by the pressure of publishing every day.

But seeing the bigger picture and visualizing what I have achieved so far with the help of Fractions is incredible.

The bottom line

Not much needs to be said here. Just three things:

  1. Go follow Can
  2. download the Chrome extension
  3. and enjoy what you have accomplished on Medium so far. ✓

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