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A Nagging Question

For Medium writers

This question has been on my mind for quite some time. It’s one of the most important questions about my journey and my progress on this platform.

It’s a simple question that will remain unanswered unless I do the thing in question. Here it is:

Would you still read my posts if I self-published everything on Medium?

This seems like an easy one to answer. But it’s not. To rely on self-publishing, I need two main things:

  1. A huge reader base. Usually, that’s followers and subscribers. My numbers here are good but compared to successful writers that regularly self-publish they’re low. These writers have ten thousands of followers.
  2. Curation. Most writers that self-publish write distribution-friendly content. I write about Medium a lot. That’s NOT distribution-friendly.

Therefore, I fear major drops in reads and reading time if I were to only self-publish.

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