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AI-Written Content Is Easily Spotted, Unless You Make This One Quick Change


ChatGPT is everywhere. Twitter is bombarded with threads about it. Bard, Google’s competitor, is the next goldmine. With all the talk about AI, it’s easy to forget one major thing.

AI-written content is easily spotted. There’s even an AI website to check for AI-written content. Go figure!

But here’s one little secret you need to go from this:

Screenshot by author

to this:

Screenshot by author

Here’s how.

The perfect prompt

I bet you’ve seen guides giving you the best prompts to write blog posts and stories with ChatGPT or Bard, promising you unique content and human-like writing.

Could be.

But more often than not, even the best prompting results in obvious, and for tools like easily spotted AI text.

Whether that’s inherently a bad thing or not is another question, but there is a way to make your content look like human-written text in GPTzero with only one simple change.

The humanizer tool


It’s brilliantly stupid, actually. simply uses AI (duh…) to rewrite text passages. With one click, the output will no longer be recognized as AI content by GPTzero.

Astounding… and worrisome.

If it’s that easy to fool AI-inspection tools like GPTzero, it won’t be getting any easier to look for and possibly punish AI content on the web in the future.

Now, as a human, it’s still somewhat noticeable that the text must or at least could have been generated by ChatGPT, Bard, or another AI writer.

But those tools evolve. And they become more human as we speak.

The bottom line

Will AI-written content be unrecognizable soon?

Some say no. It’s lacking personality, wit, emotions, and more. But you can train AI on specific writers to make it sound more like them, including catchphrases, humor, typical wording, etc.

It’s not unthinkable that AI is going to become so well-trained that we can’t distinguish anymore.

What will happen then? Will that be the end of bloggers & online writers?

Who knows…

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