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5 Tips for Sustainable Shopping

Gradual improvement is a win as well

Sustainability has been a trend word for many years now and will probably remain so for a long time — that’s a good thing. Consciously consuming is an applaudable cause. It’s not always easy, no question. You just need to find a way to start somewhere.

#1 Don’t rather than do

The easiest way to up your sustainability game is… to just not shop. No sustainable brand, green option, or eco-friendly packaging will beat that. Buying nothing is the most sustainable way of “shopping” and living. Of course, it’s not a real tip, because a) you do need some things occasionally and b) it’s not a sin to enjoy shopping. But it is refreshing to reconsider your own shopping behavior.

#2 Repurpose or upcycle

The second best way to bring more sustainability into your life is by repurposing or upcycling instead of buying. Bringing new life to items that you don’t have a use for otherwise.

An easy, practical example: Next time, your soap dispenser runs out of soap, either refill it instead of buying a new one, or use it as a dispenser for something else: Fill it with detergent, or body wash, shampoo, or… I don’t know… cooking oil.

#3 Second-hand shopping

The most obvious way to reduce your environmental footprint while shopping is going for second-hand items. Oftentimes, It’s cheap too. One of my favorite jumpers is a second-hand, sustainably-made piece I got for 2 bucks. I love that thing. There are so many places online where you can get great second-hand pieces. I can only speak for Germany here. But we have plenty. I imagine this to be even more so the case for the US and other countries as well.

#4 Sustainable brands

If you’re in need of new items, always consider sustainable brands first. Since it is a trending topic in recent years, new brands and eco-friendly products pop up everywhere. Time to check these out! You might spend a little more than at H&M, but it doesn’t have to be crazy expensive either. Even highly popular brands keep coming up with more sustainable options or versions of their products. It’s a great trend.

#5 Quality over quantity

The last tip is the old saying: Quality over quantity. I usually like to opt for more high-quality items. Be it clothes, skincare, furniture, or food.

Especially with clothing, I’m very keen on finding quality pieces that last a long time, rather than buying new items every season. This way, I’ve reduced my wardrobe considerably, while enjoying my favorite pieces for as long as possible.

The bottom line

Let’s quickly recap the 5 tips:

  1. Don’t rather than do
  2. Repurpose or upcycle
  3. Second-hand shopping
  4. Sustainable brands
  5. Quality over quantity

Living more sustainably is something everyone should strive for. It doesn’t have to be in every aspect of your life at the same time and right away. A gradual improvement is a win as well.

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