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You’re Probably Neglecting These 5 Grooming Tips

Although they’re painstakingly obvious, I used to neglect these for the longest time too

Grooming… I feel like a lot of men think grooming is a feminine thing and therefore makes them less manly. That’s bullsh**, of course. I pretty much guarantee you that every attractive man you’ve seen in Hollywood has at least a basic grooming routine in place. Let’s take a look at 5 grooming tips for men!

#1 Get a haircut… regularly

Said it before and I’ll say it again: A haircut is one of the easiest ways to instantly look fresh, stylish, and presentable. In these days, it’s hard to get a regular cut. So this tip might be hard to follow right now. I got my hair cut a week ago after quite a long break. And it was simply awesome.

How often you want to get a haircut heavily depends on your hairstyle. If you rock a shorter style like a crew cut, a side part, a pompadour, or a quiff, you’ll probably need to visit the barbershop every 3–4 weeks. Especially so when you have a fade that grows out quickly.

If you rock a medium or long hairstyle — as it is quite popular these days which is awesome — you can get away with less frequent visits to your salon.

If you have really long hair — I’m picturing guys like a young Johnny Depp or Jason Momoa — then you’re lucky. You don’t have to get a cut too often. But taking care of long hair does take a bit more time and effort.

#2 Take care of your beard

I love a good beard. And grooming is the most important aspect of a good beard. Regular trimming, as well as moisturizing, is a must. Every couple of days, twice a week, something along those lines. It depends on the length of your beard.

Trim your beard correctly! It should not cover your neck, in the front or in the back. Have it trimmed above your Adam’s apple, about two fingers wide above it. That’s usually a good measure.

Wash your beard, rinse it properly, and use a moisturizer or beard oil afterward. Your skin beneath will thank you later.

And if you don’t rock a beard, then take care of your clean-shaven face. First, shave it daily or every other day. And use a good after-shave balm.

#3 Skincare

Yes, men have skin, too. We need a skincare routine. I neglected this tip for so long… unfortunately. What we don’t need (and nobody does, for that matter) is a cabinet full of hundreds of products. That’s just expensive, nothing else.

What we do need is a basic and simple skincare routine for mornings and evenings. A face wash and a moisturizer. That’s the bare minimum. Depending on your skin, a face scrub a couple of times a week might be beneficial as well. Everything else is up to preference. Companies do like to sell us dozens of products. That doesn’t mean we need those.

In addition, I use an eye cream somewhat regularly. I have pretty dry and dark spots under the eyes. A cream keeps that in check a little.

I don’t have to mention a good shampoo and body wash, do I?

#4 Clip your nails

Did you know women check out your hands, guys? I didn’t when I was young. But I’ve heard it from quite a few women. Hands are a thing. So, please take care of your nails. Because women will notice. No, I don’t mean you have to get a mani-pedi every week. Just clip your nails! Make them look presentable. Not too long. On the other hand, don’t have them cut too short either. And by god, don’t bite them off! I used to do this when I was young, out of a nervous habit, I guess. It hurts, and it looks bad. Don’t do it!

#5 Trim other hairs

No nose hair, no hairs growing out of your ears. Keep your eyebrows in check. Take a look at your body hair. And yes, manscaping is a thing, too. Just have everything well-groomed. Every once in a while at least. You don’t need to go crazy. There’s something like over-grooming, too. Remember that every shave irritates your skin a lot. It’s important to not overdo it and to nurture your skin afterward.

Bonus: What not to do!

With all these tips, don’t forget to keep it simple. Don’t shave every hair on your body! That might look weird, and it will be uncomfortable in many places.

Don’t trim/shave your beard or hair in crazy forms or patterns! Some people like that, I don’t.

Don’t use too much product in your hair! That can easily make you look greasy. It will also build up. The more you use, the more built-up. Meaning you need to clean and rinse it out even more thoroughly.

Use the right products for your skin type, hair type, and hairstyle. Do you have oily skin or dry skin? Is your hair thin, thick, curly, or straight? Do you have a short hairstyle, medium, or long? You need slightly different products for all of these possibilities. Don’t underestimate that!

Closing words

Grooming is as important for men as it is for women. Only in a slightly different fashion. A good grooming routine doesn’t make you more feminine. And if it does, then we all need a good dose of that. Your skin, hair, and body will thank you for it in the long run.

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