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Fake It Till You Make It and 4 Other Ways to Strengthen Your Confidence

From Self-doubt to Self-Esteem

Confidence is one of the hardest traits to master for people who are not naturally confident. I never had particularly high self-esteem in the past. But I have managed to improve my confidence by lessening my self-doubt with a handful of practicable steps.

1. Question your self-doubt

Before you can improve your confidence level, it’s important to discover the root cause behind your self-doubt. A form of self-reflection. What’s pushing you down? What’s holding you back from being confident?

Work against your self-doubt with affirmation. Instead of thinking “I can’t…, I am not…”, try to tell yourself “I can…, I am…”.

2. Fake it till you make it

This step might be counterintuitive, but one way to improve your confidence level is faking it. This will trick your mind into a positive state. It’s not just about pretending. It’s about learning to accept the strength you’re unaware of.

It starts with body language: Walk upright, stretch your spine, push the chest out. Smile. Make eye contact. These little things will make you look more confident and, in return, make you feel more confident.

3. Think positively

Positive affirmations. The key is constant repetition. If you keep telling yourself the same positive affirmations every day, your subconsciousness will connect to them and your mindset will improve in the long run.

Visualize what you like about yourself, rather than focusing on the things you don’t like. Consider what you’re good at. Go over your skills, whatever they may be. Instead of focusing on the skills you lack or wish you had.

4. Work out

Yes, that tip sucks. But a healthy and strong body will undoubtedly lead to a healthier and stronger mind. Even though I rarely look forward to a workout, I’m always ecstatic, happy, and more comfortable with myself afterward. A workout doesn’t just stimulate the muscles, it also stimulates and re-energizes your brain.

You don’t have to go to the gym every day for an hour. A 15-minute yoga routine in the morning, a run, or a brisk walk in the afternoon will do the trick as well.

5. Challenge yourself

This is going to be hard, no doubt. But the safest way to improve confidence is being thrown into situations that demand it. For people who struggle with self-doubt and fear of rejection, approaching other people is an effective method of training confidence.

Leaving your comfort zone and challenging yourself will lessen your stress level the next time you’re doing it. Furthermore, a positive reaction to this “approaching” challenge will lead to a feeling of success and satisfaction thereafter.

The bottom line

Let’s quickly recap the 5 Ways to Strengthen Your Confidence:

  1. Question your self-doubt
  2. Fake it till you make it
  3. Think positively
  4. Work out
  5. Challenge yourself

Your confidence will grow if you work on it. It’s like exercising. It takes time, repetition, and consistency. In the end, it’s worth the effort.

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