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4 Quick Medium Tips Few People Know

You should know

No fluff, let’s get right into it:

  1. Reading list: You know about Medium’s reading list. You can save stories for later. I don’t do this often. However, I do frequently add responses to my reading list. Yes, you can do that. Answer them later.
  2. Friend links: I recently shared that tip and many were surprised. You can share a friend link of a story and anyone can read it for free. But you will get paid if Medium members read it.
  3. Lists: Share lists instead of single posts on social media or below your stories. That way, people might read more than one story. Also, give your lists click-worthy titles. Just like headlines.
  4. Extension: Use the Chrome extension Fractions to see your all-time Medium earnings, daily averages, estimated monthly earnings & more.

That’s it. Did you know these 4 tips?

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