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I Started a Free Newsletter For Medium Writers

Medium newbies or experienced members, this is for you

Are you feeling lost on Medium? When I began in February 2021, I did.
1.5 years later, Medium has become the main income source of my entrepreneurial career.

You can purchase Medium courses everywhere. But I asked on Twitter recently if my followers were subscribed to any Medium-specific newsletter or knew one. No was the response.

That’s why I started “Medium Masterminds”, a free newsletter all about writing on Medium.

What is it

Medium Masterminds is a combination of a course with actionable tips and tricks and an informative newsletter. All for free.

I host this newsletter on Gumroad. Yes, you can do that. Gumroad offers newsletters. It’s a bit different from Substack where I host my general newsletter, for example. The sign-up works differently. But Gumroad has some advantages. For one, Gumroad offers email automations called workflows. That means I can send out newsletter issues automatically to new subscribers.

Other than that, Gumroad is free, easy to use, and stable. I wanted to try the newsletter feature anyway. So, two birds with one stone, you know.

How do you sign up

If you’re interested, just head over to Gumroad and sign up via Subscribe button. Just put a 0 into the “Name a fair price” field. That’s one of Gumroad’s oddities at the moment. You can’t remove this field.

Don’t worry though. It’s free!

New subscribers will get the welcome mail right away and the first issue 24 hours later. You won’t get bombarded by emails. I am not going to send tips daily.

The bottom line

If you’re looking for tips & tricks to get the most out of Medium (and if you’re sick of finding these by searching on Medium or googling), this newsletter is the perfect fit.

I’d love to see you there.

Medium Masterminds
Medium tips & tricks delivered right to your inbox for FREE. This is a FREE newsletter about, a…

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