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Why You Should Start Writing on Medium Right Now (2023)

Earn money & advance your craft

Medium, the popular platform for bloggers and writers, offers a multitude of reasons why you should consider joining its community and start earning money.

Despite some misconceptions, Medium provides an excellent opportunity to showcase your writing skills and generate income.

So, let’s delve into the details!

What is Medium

Since its establishment in 2012, Medium has grown into a renowned platform for social journalism. It empowers both professional and amateur writers to share stories on any topic within the confines of Medium’s guidelines.

Although predominantly English-based, Medium also houses remarkable stories in various languages.

Today, in 2023, Medium remains one of the best platforms, if not the best, for earning money through your writing without reliance on advertisements or sponsors.

Personally, I embarked on my Medium journey in February 2021 with modest expectations. English not being my native language, I was pleasantly surprised by the opportunities Medium presented. Fast forward to June 2023, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to give Medium a chance.

I’ve made more than $15,000 from Medium alone.

How? Let’s continue

Partner Program

To monetize your writing on Medium, you need to join the Medium Partner Program.

Applying is a simple process: create a Medium account, sign up for the Partner Program, and start crafting your original posts.

Upon applying, you’ll have to meet some criteria to be eligible for earnings from the partner program.

These are:

  1. at least 100 followers
  2. at least one published story

While that might sound difficult, I assure you, it’s nothing compared to other platforms, like YouTube’s requirements of 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time within 12 months.

If you meet the Medium criteria, you’ll begin earning money based on the number of reads, more precisely the reading time of your audience.

It’s a straightforward and gratifying principle.

However, there is a small caveat: your readers must be paying members of Medium*, each contributing $5 per month.

Within my first few days on Medium, I experienced the thrill of being paid for my stories—an immensely satisfying feeling for any writer.

Debunking Common Misconceptions

While Medium is simple and transparent, many writers misunderstand its workings.

It’s true that you receive compensation for stories eligible for earnings, with payment coming from Medium members* who themselves contribute $5 per month.

By enabling the “meter” setting before publishing, you make your story available for earning.

However, the crucial misconception lies in the belief that you must be a paying Medium member* to publish metered stories.

In reality, even with a free account, you can publish metered stories and still get paid.

The only limitation is that free accounts are restricted to reading three metered Medium stories per month.

Nevertheless, you can write and publish as many metered stories as you desire, all while earning money.

Why Choose Medium in 2023?

Apart from the financial prospects, there are numerous other reasons to consider writing on Medium this year.

  1. Firstly, Medium boasts a vibrant and supportive community, allowing you to connect with exceptional writers and discover captivating stories. The more you engage with fellow writers and readers, the higher the engagement you’ll witness on your own posts.
  2. Secondly, Medium offers a vast array of fantastic publications. Submitting your stories to these publications, regardless of their size, grants you exposure to larger audiences, valuable editing tips and feedback, and an opportunity to enhance your writing skills. With hundreds, if not thousands, of publications covering a wide range of niches and styles, you’ll surely find the perfect fit, be it poetry, politics, tech, or pop culture. And if all this still isn’t enough, there’s more:

Medium vs. Your Own Blog

As a blogger myself, I understand the appeal of having your own blog.

However, creating and maintaining a successful blog requires considerable time, consistency, effort, and energy—not to mention the initial financial investment—while overnight success remains elusive.

Conversely, writing on Medium offers an effortless setup process, immediate access to readers, and the potential to reach a wide audience from day one.

Nevertheless, don’t abandon your own blog just yet! Combining Medium with your blog can prove beneficial.

Cross-posting allows you to create articles for both platforms, expanding your reach and readership. Just be cautious about duplicate content, a topic I’ll explore in a future post if you’re interested.

Medium and Domain Authority (DA)

Consider the advantage of backlinking.

Links play a crucial role in improving the SEO and Domain Authority rankings of your blog or website. Obtaining backlinks from high-rated websites holds significant value, and Medium, with its impressive Domain Authority score of 96 and Page Authority score of 81, is one such desirable source.

Thus, linking from Medium to your blog enhances its reputation, while crosslinking between your blog and Medium produces even better results.

Parting Words

After discovering the benefits of Medium, I genuinely regret not starting sooner.

Within 2.5 years, I received valuable feedback, honed my English writing skills, gained confidence in writing in English, tapped into my creativity, and yes, earned a good income.

While not mind-blowing, it exceeded my expectations and surpassed what 2.5 years of writing for a new blog could have accomplished.

So, don’t hesitate—give Medium a try*!

You have nothing to lose, especially considering you can utilize the platform for free. Create your account, start writing, and unlock the potential that awaits you on Medium.

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